Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Insert a Title Here That Sounds Witty and Slightly Humorous

 So how exactly to start this... Hmm... I have no clue why I don't remember to post often, It's kind of odd I guess. But all well! I have been playing some games here and there, not so much W101 though. I find myself tired yet again of W101, but this is nothing new. I'm working on my Balance here and there, but it's always been like this after the first year I played W101. I'm just not the type of person that can do one thing forever, but I'm sure that a lot of people just branch out and find other games/activities to do once you've burnt yourself out on it. Right? Right...

  For recent game news I've started playing League of Legends again, well.. I guess I can't say I've started it recently, it has been a while since I've started it. Cough... Anyways... Lux and Cassiopeia are my main people I play as:



:D They're my favorites! And just in case anyone was wondering, Medusa is my favorite Mythological beast/person. Well that and Satyrs.. I could actually go on forever about it, but Gorgons the most of course! If I had a special type of ability I'd love to be able to just scream at people and turn them to stone.. oh the rude people I'd turn to stone >:)

I've also been playing Tropico 4, Skyrim more often ;D, Team Fortress 2, and Dungeon Defenders.. Forgive me for being too lazy to post any pictures of those games, you see it's currently 2PM where I live and I woke up at 9PM... yesterday.. So yeah maybe I don't sleep like a normal person. Psst sunlight is gross. Who needs that crap! Oh and I've started my schoolwork early, or maybe on time for some people. For me though it's about a month earlier than I normally start. The faster I do it the faster I'm out! I dream of the day that I won't have to take tests and learn things I'll 100% never need in life.

Well the next post I will formulate an idea for and actually do something with, I... slightly promise? No promises. I'm sorry I haven't posted, and If you're just here for Wizard101 posts then you'll really be saddened to know that I'll probably not post anything related to W101 unless it's like.. something along the lines of me finishing the game. Again.. The spiral is a vast place that holds many many games!

                                                                                                  Until next time! ~Ty

Ps. I'm still watching naruto and omg there is this creepy guy that is all weird and crap thinking he can blow up the world and whatever, I'm like please. You can't think that destroying millions of people will bring peace, like someone needs to smack some sense into him ASAP. Well I mean normally when ninja do that they just kill them because of their intentions.. so hopefully that will happen. Oh and this is a really long PS that I probably shouldn't be making longer by bringing attention to the fact that I've made it longer than it should be.

Pss. What does PS even stand for? I'm too lazy to research it.

Psss. Don't forget.                                                                          The cake is a lie.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Games Games Games KankurĊ ..I mean Games

So.. I'm finally going to make a post that isn't at 3am in the morning! Yay for improvement. I'm thinking of trying to post more, I don't know.. Maybe I'll start forcing myself to post and not just do it erratically haha..
Now for gaming stuff. I've been back on Wizard101 for leveling my Death and Ice, yay? I wouldn't say that I get bored of Wizard101.. it's just painful to quest through a world you did already. I think I've leveled up too many people.. Speaking of leveling people... Life has...
Finished Avalon! Okay I finished it like two months ago and forgot to say anything, maybe I did say something... all well. One down! Oh and I don't know if I talked about it or not but I deleted my Fire because I got bored... Yeah.... but I made a Balance in his place! I think I just needed something different, and I didn't really care for my fire anyway. So now I have to level up 1,001 times.

Random Avalon picture! I'm trying to finish Avalon on my Ice at the moment as I type this and i'm failing miserably at multitasking. I drew some today, but I don't really think anyone wants to see that.. hmm.. I should probably think out clear things to write about before I start to make a post. That wouldn't really be thoughts of my mind though, so you're stuck reading this weird stuff! ..Unless you can't stand me and are cursing me while closing the window. I'm ok with that. I started playing Left 4 Dead 2 by the way. It's awesome!

You wouldn't believe how freaking hard it was to upload that photo, I felt like I was a CIA agent hacking into my own computer to locate the picture. Anyways.. I started playing L4D2 and it's so much fun. I'm really horrible at first person shooter type of games, but I'm finding it a lot easier to play with a keyboard and mouse rather than a controller. Dead Island is seriously impossible for me to play on my PS3. I die as soon as I start the game and just get mad. I've improved though! On L4D2 I don't just run from zombies and hide places.. unlike Dead Island. Cha!

On minecraft I've been playing on my server with my friend mads too. I'm going to get some screenshots of that now.

It doesn't look like much yet, but I didn't want to fly to other areas, and we haven't really built much.. We're trying to play more Survival-ish on there. I should make a world and have a Creative world. But I think that's it for now! I might upload some artwork or something next time. If anyone would care :p 
                                                                                                             I <3 Sai ~ Ty

Sunday, April 29, 2012

So.. Crazy Weather Right?!

Just kidding. I don't really know why I haven't posted on here. Okay I won't lie. To log in here I have to use my old email and I'm a lazy person so I never like to switch to it, post, then switch back. Yeah.. I kind of didn't have anything to talk about and that always makes for a totally fun reading experience right? ..right..

Anywho. I'm excited for Pirate101 If it's not something that's no fun. This blog is pretty much for all the games that I play that I want to post about, and for any art that I want to post... so I'd post about it on here. No need to go get another blog that I will never post on. So I'm going to try to draw more with my tablet and maybe I'll work up the courage to post the pictures or something. I don't know...

 Oh and I don't know if I've ever talked about it but I have a slight obsession with Naruto! I thought that it was stupid when I first heard about it, so I never watched it.. then I did watch it and I feel dumb that I never gave it a chance! I just finished part 1! I think it's like 250(ish?) episodes.. hahahaha yeah.. I started watching it like 5 months ago but I'm excited to start the Shippuden episodes which is part 2. It's like walking and talking art with super powers and they're ninja's. What the heck else would anyone ever need more. The characters are set I believe 2(?) years in the future with part 2 and they look so grown up compared to part 1! It's crazy! ..If you don't like Naruto then I guess you wouldn't care about this though. So that's it about Naruto..

I deleted my Fire. This is the Wizard101 News part of the post. I got myth to 70 (finally), and life to 70 (REALLY finally.). When Avalon goes life I 100% HAVE to do it with my Life, I have no clue why I never got to 70 on my most loved class. Sometimes I just don't even understand myself and my brain. Maybe it's just me.

So that's all that I'm going to write about right now because I really could make an entire page post but I don't think anyone really reads this except me while I'm typing it hahaha.

                                                                                                                I <3 Kankuro the most ~Ty

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh hey, I'm not dead.

 YAYYYYYYYY! It feels so nice to be done with all my school (for now). I have NOTHING to do! YESSS! In cyber school when you finish your stuff you have to wait for your next crap to get reset and such, and your previous tests get graded etc. I'm happy! So what has happened.. Well I got a drawing tablet thing for the computer that I plan on using. Maybe I'll post stuff I'm drawing? Oh I drew something already. I'll find it now.

Yep it's not good but I'm just starting to draw with it... Now gaming stuff!
On W101 I'm finding it hard to really get into questing. I'm just not really happy when I'm playing W101.. which kind of ruins the whole point of even getting on.. I guess I'm just sick and tired of seeing the same spells, doing the same things.. It gets really old and boring, but I think that it would be better if we could somehow use stuff differently. Maybe have the same ranked spells but with different effects? I don't know. I'm starting to play Rift more and I'm yet again liking it more then W101...

Oh and MineCraft! I'm currently in a sky world type thing. It's made from this mod that I've installed that makes more world options...

So yeah, what's new with all of you? I'm going to post more stuff now.. Maybe I'll try to post like once every other week? Every week? Who knows. All I know is that I'm back and I feel a lot better now (:

                                                                                                            The Cake Remains a Lie ~ Ty

Sunday, January 1, 2012

So.. I really like tea..

 Yep, I like tea. (Is totally not ready to post boring stuff to read)
   Well.. There really is no way to say this fast due to the fact that people just read through this.. but i'm starting to get too busy to post like once a week, so for now it will be like once.. a month. Normally when I say "Oh I'll get online in 20 minutes." 2 hours later I actually get on, so maybe if I say oh I'll post once a month then I'll actually post like once a week? yay? Idk. I'm just getting too busy with schoolwork. I know that in the middle of February I'll be done with all of the stuff I need to turn in.
 So I'm sorry to say that I won't be posting a lot until then, but I will not forget about this blog. The whole point was to have something to get my thoughts out, just think of it as my thoughts being trapped for a tiny little bit to be used to take tests on things I will never use in 5 years (:

                                                                                                       Learning is a lie. ~ Ty

Sunday, December 18, 2011


So I've managed to do what I was planning on not doing.. posting... ever... at all.. I've just not been into games on the computer that much.. well ones that I've thought to take pictures of.. unless you want bloody pictures of The Binding of Isaac. Yeah didn't think so.. That makes me think though! This post is going to be stuff about me. I feel that my blog hasn't really been personable, you know? Of course you know. Anyways here it goes. Things about me! (I'll try to keep it on subject.)

When I type/write I ramble.. a lot. I have to edit all of these posts a ton or else you'd get fed up with me and just close this out.. hahahaha. I like to draw, sculpt, and create things. Crafting, art, I love it all. But not painting as much though. Drawing is my FAVORITE! I'm going to post 2 of the things that I have drew, all I ask is for you not to repost these without my permission. I have no problem with you asking me though!

So I bought some books on these how to draw things and I didn't learn anything from them.. yeah kind of pointless. But they have a lot of inspiration in them and one thing was to draw emotions so I did! Yeah I know my drawing is pretty ugly but I don't care. This is my sinister guy! Plotting revenge is his favorite pastime..

Not all of my drawings are super evil though, promise. This next one is out of a drawing book that my friend is making me draw in for her for Christmas. I have no clue why she wants my ugly drawings but all well. She's weird like that. This one I call Random things!

I had to take the photos with my phone so you can't see them exactly perfect but all well. I'm sure you'll survive with these ugly ones for now.

Finally I'll end this post with my favorite games to play! Wizard101, Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac(it's a gory game so be warned) Terraria, Dead Island (also another gory game), Little Big Planet, Rift.
I never noticed until now that the games I play go from E to R to Teen to like preschooler games, haha just kidding but still. Idk I'm just weird. I hope that you've got to know me a little bit in this post, maybe I'll post more about me some other time.            
                                                                                                                The energy drinks are a lie ~Ty

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


  I hate not updating this! So this is me updating it! So I've been doing Zafaria of coursssee! But here are some things that happened! I'm just itching to post my pictures!

I got my Death to 60! Yayyy.. Now there is 70 -_-...

Spells Acquired!


So my Storm is 68 and my Ice is 70... my first Transcended!
This is not really new news here thoughh so.. I challenge you to do what I did! Take pictures randomly! Especially when you're casting spells! It can look really cool.. Let me show you what I got:

^These were from a boss fight in Zafaria on Ice! v
My person and pet look exactly the same! Haha
and finally..
Probably the coolest picture!

So yeah.. nothing too exciting.. but I'm going to make sure to post more often, I don't ever want to just randomly stop writing on this blog!!
                                                                                                   The Sprites Are a Lie ;) - Ty