Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Insert a Title Here That Sounds Witty and Slightly Humorous

 So how exactly to start this... Hmm... I have no clue why I don't remember to post often, It's kind of odd I guess. But all well! I have been playing some games here and there, not so much W101 though. I find myself tired yet again of W101, but this is nothing new. I'm working on my Balance here and there, but it's always been like this after the first year I played W101. I'm just not the type of person that can do one thing forever, but I'm sure that a lot of people just branch out and find other games/activities to do once you've burnt yourself out on it. Right? Right...

  For recent game news I've started playing League of Legends again, well.. I guess I can't say I've started it recently, it has been a while since I've started it. Cough... Anyways... Lux and Cassiopeia are my main people I play as:



:D They're my favorites! And just in case anyone was wondering, Medusa is my favorite Mythological beast/person. Well that and Satyrs.. I could actually go on forever about it, but Gorgons the most of course! If I had a special type of ability I'd love to be able to just scream at people and turn them to stone.. oh the rude people I'd turn to stone >:)

I've also been playing Tropico 4, Skyrim more often ;D, Team Fortress 2, and Dungeon Defenders.. Forgive me for being too lazy to post any pictures of those games, you see it's currently 2PM where I live and I woke up at 9PM... yesterday.. So yeah maybe I don't sleep like a normal person. Psst sunlight is gross. Who needs that crap! Oh and I've started my schoolwork early, or maybe on time for some people. For me though it's about a month earlier than I normally start. The faster I do it the faster I'm out! I dream of the day that I won't have to take tests and learn things I'll 100% never need in life.

Well the next post I will formulate an idea for and actually do something with, I... slightly promise? No promises. I'm sorry I haven't posted, and If you're just here for Wizard101 posts then you'll really be saddened to know that I'll probably not post anything related to W101 unless it's like.. something along the lines of me finishing the game. Again.. The spiral is a vast place that holds many many games!

                                                                                                  Until next time! ~Ty

Ps. I'm still watching naruto and omg there is this creepy guy that is all weird and crap thinking he can blow up the world and whatever, I'm like please. You can't think that destroying millions of people will bring peace, like someone needs to smack some sense into him ASAP. Well I mean normally when ninja do that they just kill them because of their intentions.. so hopefully that will happen. Oh and this is a really long PS that I probably shouldn't be making longer by bringing attention to the fact that I've made it longer than it should be.

Pss. What does PS even stand for? I'm too lazy to research it.

Psss. Don't forget.                                                                          The cake is a lie.

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